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Pausmith Launch Luncheon.png

The Delectable Pausmith Group Launch Luncheon


The Delectable Pausmith Group Launch Luncheon at Cielo Farms, treated guests to a culinary delight as they savored a diverse menu that perfectly showcased Pausmith Group's commitment to vibrant and fresh catering. Set against the stunning vineyard backdrop, it was an unforgettable celebration of fine dining.

Catering & Cocktails: Pausmith Group

Photographer - Lucas Rossi Photography

Venue - Cielo Farms
Event Design & Production - Orange Blossom Special Events
Rentals - Premiere Party Rents
Florist - Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design
Paper Goods - Strictly Personal Designs
Backdrop - Bader Collective
Entertainment - Bob Gail Events
Tarot Card Reader - Brittany Leigh Gaddy
Sunglasses - Quay
Disco Wall - Feathered Fox Designs

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